Trim & Chip Event for Wards 3 & 4

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Good News for Ward 3 & Ward 4

You have been selected for the first Trim and Chip event for the City of Nowata. The event runs from now until December 23, 2017.

If you (1) trim the trees overhanging the street to a height of 14 feet or more or (2) trim the tree limbs overhanging your sidewalks to a height of 8 feet, the city will come and chip the limbs and haul them off for free.

This only applies to tree limbs overhanging the streets and sidewalks. Please place the limbs in the ditch with all the cut ends facing the road. Please allow time for the crew to make it to you.

Depending on how many people trim in your ward, will determine the time it will take for the crew to get to your debris.

PLEASE let City Hall know your address when you are done or we will not know to send a crew.

We hope this event will go well and that we can do this annually rotating the wards each year. Again, this is only for tree limbs over the street or sidewalk.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Happy trimming to Ward 3 & Ward 4.