Industrial Park
Industrial Park

The Nowata City Industrial Park offers 180 acres of industrial zoned real estate. Lot sizes range from 1.83 acres to 9.6 acres respectively.

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The park and its more than 180 acres of industrial real estate is located on US Hwy 169 near the US Hwy 60 intersection. US Hwy 169 runs north/south, with it running north into Minnesota and south into Tulsa, Oklahoma.  US Hwy 60 runs east/west, with it running east to Virginia Beach, VA and west to the Phoenix, AZ metro.

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We want you in Nowata and to get you here we have programs available to responsibly use taxpayer dollars to do so. There are local, state, federal, and native sovereign nation incentive dollars potentially available to you per type of business. Let's setup a time to chat about incentives.

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The City of Nowata serves as the economic center of Nowata County and offers a local workforce of 4,400. While if you stretch the workforce radius to a 25-minute drive time the size significantly increases as it encompasses Montgomery County, Kansas and the Oklahoma communities of Vinita, Bartlesville, Oologah, and Owasso. Reach these employees at the fraction of the cost while established in Nowata.

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Our city is rooted in its love for its friday night football, its unbreakable conviction in its faith, and its admiration of the people and events that shaped its history. When you relocate or expand in Nowata, you're choosing a community and its heart, not just a place to conduct business. 


The park offers a municipal airport and hangar on-site. Road improvements to access the hangar and runway via in-park roadways are underway.