Pet FAQs
Pet FAQs

Pet FAQs

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Animal Surrender Fees

Surrender fee is $25.00

Does my animal require a city tag

Yes, all animals within the City of Nowata require a city tag. This tag is an annual tag and is $15 per year. You must bring a copy of rabies vaccinations into Nowata City Hall and pay the fee to receive the tag for your animal(s).

How many animals are allowed per household in Nowata

"It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation that owns, leases or controls premises within the City to maintain on such premises more than a total of three (3) dogs and three (3) cats over the age of six (6) months." Certain situations are exempt, please contact our Animal Control Officer, Jerry McDonald for more details.

Where is the Animal Shelter & Adoption Center located in Nowata

The animal shelter and adoption center is located at 901 Navajo Lane Nowata, OK 74048. The shelter and adoption center is open Monday-Friday,  9 am -5 pm.

Contact Animal Control Officer, Jerry McDonald with any questions regarding adoption or recovery of your pet, (918) 977-0709.

Get Driving Directions to Nowata City Animal Shelter 

What are the adoption fees for Nowata
Adoption Fee - $50, includes $25 sterilization deposit plus $25 adoption fee
Are chickens allowed in city limits

Please contact Animal Control Officer, Jerry McDonald at (918) 977-0709 for more details.